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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 PTA: the same means to focus that’s under 20 minutes that seem best summarize the analysis that can be the plan of “revival” of PTA presented yesterday by Gilles Robien. – Krekan Mines – Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 PTA: the same means to focus that’s under 20 minutes that seem best summarize the analysis that can be the plan of “revival” of PTA presented yesterday by Gilles Robien.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 PTA: the same means to focus that’s under 20 minutes that seem best summarize the analysis that can be the plan of "revival" of PTA presented yesterday by Gilles Robien. The means will be therefore focused on 250 colleges. Why not ? But if this results in a lower average for 750 other institutions, I do not know whether to rejoice … Moreover, as noted by the FCPE in a statement, "A measure is disturbing and outrageous" . This is "one that allows college students good success Ambition + + around the school map to go to good schools + +. It is consolidating a situation that must change the contrary," said the federation. Another issue that the minister wants to highlight is of course the question of learning to read. You have to read about it, the text of Alain Bentolila Le Figaro who distanced himself from the ministerial stubbornness. This one insists that reading is not just a question of method and that the issue of illiteracy can not be limited only to the period of the preparatory course but mobilizes all primary and secondary school. Happy reading … ——————— Liberation 14/12/05 Robien decided to pamper 250 colleges in ZEP The means will be concentrated on those institutions at the expense others. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/12/05 Gilles de Robien wants to get it over with the global method tHE cONTROVERSY related to the end of the global method of learning to read raised by Gilles de Robien it two weeks ago, does not seem to dry up. Before presenting his plan to the PTA meeting yesterday and the Association of Mayors of France, the Minister of Education held at length return to the subject. For, according to him, the first duty of equal opportunities is to give children the keys to the freedom of reading and writing. For Gilles de Robien indicate it is "once and for all, quite explicitly, which is recommended as a methodical journey to learn to read to children." A circular will be published before the end of the week. Read more of the article Some truths about learning to read by Alain Bentolla When learning to read, learning to read is a necessary skill, not just to sound out strings sound the meaning of a word but to discover the meaning even though the student has never read. We must state forcefully that the purpose of the control of grapheme-phonological relationships is an essential learning; . But immediately adds that his goal is to access the meaning of "inelus" and not just the sound of words […] One last question remains to be asked: Does the finished one-has to learn to read at the end of Tutorial ? The answer is no, a hundred times no! Much remains to be done, and I would say most remains. The school population that our schools receive today is very different from my father received it forty years ago in his class CM. We can not think that once the mechanisms of acquired reading all students will boldly engage in what is called the "current reading". Many, deprived of a caring and demanding family mediation, require the school to teach them to understand. Many need to be aware that we do not read the same way a statement of mathematics and a wonderful tale because you will never find the solution. Many must be accompanied on the path to reading more and longer. It is these capabilities versatility and endurance that the college will require all students. If we refuse to accept that the College Entrance is for some a killing game in which each discipline denounce their failure, one must say forcefully that learning to read can not be conceived as a continuation . Read more of the article disorders aggressive child and medicine By Isabelle Gasquet Psychiatrist, epidemiologist (Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris), on behalf of the authors of the collective expertise of Inserm. Inserm has recently published an expertise on a mental disorder whose recognition goes back to the 60s, conduct disorder. This term refers to repeated and sustained aggressive behavior that can lead to serious violence. The expertise sparked fiery reactions that throw confusion over the results and their implications. But what does it say? Read more of the article Colonization: Villepin refused to say explicitly, "I am proud to be French!" Exclaimed Wednesday in the National Assembly, the Prime Minister. He refused to commit explicitly on the withdrawal of the article of law on the "positive role" of colonialism. Read More Article Nineteen historians signed a petition against the "official truth" RENE REMOND, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Alain Decaux, Jean-Pierre Azema, Mona Ozouf, Michel Winock or Vernant: up far behind, the great names of French historiography come to break into the debate on "the positive role" of colonialism. In a text published on Monday and entitled "Freedom for history!" Nineteen historians ask "repeal legislation unworthy of a democratic regime." Starting with this article 4 of the Law of 23 February 2005, already bitterly criticized. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s seen nothing … 14/12/05 ———————————— —————- Le Parisien on 14/12/05 (paying) now colleges "ambition success"! Gilles de Robien has decided to put the package on the 200 most troubled schools. Yesterday, the Minister of Education has announced that they will be provided with additional resources. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 14/12/05 the new "ambition success" of PTA Premier pledged to refocus the priority education policy on the most sensitive institutions. promise. The Minister of Education Gille de Robien presented Tuesday, December 13, the new ranking rules in priority education zones (ZEP). Since its inception in early 1980, this system has gradually expanded, and frozen. Today, over 20% of college students are enrolled in an institution under the priority education. All observers denounce evil targets and means dusting. Gilles de Robien has chosen to make a selection in these institutions will now be divided into three categories. Read more of the article Plan PTA: Robien ensures that other institutions will not be harmed Minister of Education Gilles de Robien said Wednesday that the allocation of additional resources announced for 200 to 250 newly accredited colleges " ambition success "will be" not at all "to the detriment of other institutions. Read more of the article Our boys will not macho Parents strive to educate their boys by allowing them to express their sensitivity, without encouraging macho behavior Read more of the article —— —————————————— 20 minutes 14/12/05 PTA: the same means to concentrate After the announcement of "fifteen concrete measures" (read here against) Gilles de Robien, Minister of education, to reform the priority education zones (ZEP), the educational environment remain skeptical. For Bernard Boisseau, Secretary General of the National Union of second-degree courses (SNES), "this building plan resembles a ZEP blasting plan. Because beyond the myriad of measures announced, no new life is given back to the priority education zones. Today’s means will be redeployed tomorrow to the most difficult schools, "the number from 200 to 250. This amounts, he said, to" undress PTA 750 other institutions. " Read more of the article Encore classes without teacher Classes without teachers and a list of master admitted on additional growing list. This is to denounce the paradox that teachers’ unions call for demonstrations in front of the rector of Paris (20th) tomorrow at 18 h 30. In at least ten schools in Paris, long holidays would not have been replaced. Furthermore, only 12 of the 172 people who have not passed the competition for a school teacher but on complementary list would have had a job since September. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 14/12/05 Editorial: for colleges pride themselves by Bernard LE SOLLEU. The National Education she has this time really aware? A month after the suburban riots, she plays big, as is commonly said, with the reform of the priority education areas (Zep) announced yesterday. Not only it is in the future of nearly two million students, but some idea of ??the Republic, equality and social cohesion. There has been, in reality, a double or quits. Exit, draw a line under these Zep ‘bankruptcy filing in "was the brutal option advocated by Nicolas Sarkozy. Conversely, Dominique de Villepin and his minister, Gilles de Robien, want to increase their ambition and resources, but on a limited number of suburban schools (200 to 250). The debate on the right has the merit of being radical, although it is somewhat skewed by political rivalries. The issue is vital to the public school. These give meaning and content to equal opportunities. […] Read more of the article Priority to 200 toughest colleges Gilles de Robien presented yesterday its plan to fight against the school failure. Recruitment thousand teachers, homework, evening studies … The Minister of Education has great ambitions, concentrated on a small area, that of the 200 colleges of the Hexagon more difficult. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 14/12/05 Reactions PTA reform plan the independent and Democratic Federation schoolgirl (LDIFs) protested against the reform of PTA considers it a scandal. "We are moving towards a questioning of their principle. The Minister has decided to prioritize the PTA, which means disengagement for most of them," said the LDIFs in a statement. The students are also worried about the possibilities to waive the school map, and choose a school outside the zone, to the best college students PTA. According to them, "instead of promoting the social mix, this risk seriously to encourage the creation of high schools ghettos". For its part, the main union of primary, SNUipp-FSU, denounced "a true-false recovery". He regretted that the minister, "entrusting the management of its priority education policy in college, completely forget the kindergarten and elementary school, so that success is built from an early age." Referring to the 1000 additional teachers to be assigned to the 200 colleges "Ambition success", the union said that is not in the budget, those positions may be created by redeployment. "What about the other institutions?" Asks the union. […] Read more of the article Business leaders sponsor juvenile offenders or distressed The Minister of Justice, Pascal Clement, was launched on Wednesday 14 December a national referral system for juvenile offenders or distressed by business professionals. The Chancery asks them a minimum volunteer commitment, from the beginning of 2006. The Password "Give six hours of your time." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 14/12/05 Act in February: Villepin boot key "Proud to be French," Dominique de Villepin "assumes the entire history of France" and refuses to respond to the left seeking revocation of the Article 4 of the law of 23 February 2005 which recognizes a "positive role" in the French colonization. "It is normal that we asked ourselves questions about our common identity but, yes, I am proud to be French, I assume the whole history of France," he told the Prime Minister at current issues in national Assembly Wednesday, December 14. Read more of the article reading: Robien receives publishers Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien met Wednesday, December 14 the textbook publishers to discuss with them the judgment of the "global" method Learning to read. They reiterated his willingness to give up "any method of learning to read akin, near or far, the overall method or semi-global", but without giving them instructions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- A selection of 14/12/05 in dispatches school publishers: our textbooks are consistent with the program’s educational publishers are received Wednesday by the Minister of Education national, Gilles de Robien, the problem of teaching methods of reading and Marie-Noelle Audigier, CEO and President of Hatier "read books", an association of educational publishers an update. Read more of the article Reform PTA "meritocratic sorting" for the CIPF The main federation of parents, the CIPF, rose Wednesday in a statement against the announced reform of the PTA before and especially against the possibility of derogating from the school board, denouncing a "tri meritoccratique students." "A measure is disturbing and outrageous," ruled the CIPF. This is "one that allows college students good success Ambition + + around the school map to go to good schools + +. It https://www.homeworkmarket.me/
is consolidating a situation that must change the contrary," said the federation. Read more of the article Holland (PS): "give more resources and leadership" to the PTA The First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, said in an interview published Thursday in the Point, he must "give more resources and leadership "to the PTA" after redefining their scope. " Read more of the article Robien: two-thirds of schools have replacements modalities Two-thirds of schools "set up replacements modalities," said on Wednesday the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien in response to a question in the national Assembly on replacements for absent teachers for a short time. Read more of the article Orleans demonstration of students against the deportations Some 500 students, according to police, protested Wednesday in the center of Orleans, in solidarity with two of their fellow immigrants, struck by orders deportation prefectural. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site Voila.fr the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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